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2 models of pressure regulators

TOF Pressure Regulators

TOF with over 75 years of experience in gas regulator offers a full selection of CO2 and Nitrogen gas regulators UL certified. A sensible regulator properly adjusted is one of the keys to dispensing quality draft beer for your draft beer equipment.

Pressure regulators best known for stability and high performances. 
Follow all the best features below!

11 different Outlet fitting configurations
With optional UL listed Blue Handled Shut-off ball valve. Bright blue handle provides high viability to see valve in open or closed position - Check full range here
we Help you manage the pressure!
Let’s stop wasting Co2. Our pressure regualtors are carefully and thoroughly tested one by one on the test bench before being put on sale.
Pressure regulators for beer dispensing

Best features

Best known for stability due to high quality manufacture of needle valve. Exterior brass with stainless steel AISI 304 internal components.

Filter to keep the Needle valve clean and prevent rusting, pitting and eventual failure in cold damp environments.

TOF pressure regulators perform well with Co2 and perform well with Nitrogen N2.

Needle valve

One Needle Valve & Diaphragm Rebuild Kit 24/630 for all pressure regulators.

Low level of refurbishment = Money saving $$$

Overpressure valve Serie 24 CO2 and Nitrogen pressure regulators are built with overpressure valve on the diaphragm kit that acts as a second safety valve and makes it possible to relieve pressure from the regulator by turning the adjustment screw counterclockwise.

CO2 and Nitrogen Pressure regulators with thick forged brass body with G1/4” NPT connections. All fittings manufactured and assembled in- house in Italy.



Ul listed

UL approved pressure regulators for CO2 and Nitrogen. Monthly inspection visits carried out in our production facility in Italy. High pressure 3000 PSI shock test on the bodies as well as a low-pressure stability test at .0145 PSI.


Double testing

TOF pressure regulators are Double tested: low pressure stability and high pressure at 3000 psi.

Overpressure valvePrimary CO2 and N2 pressure regulators have over-pressure relief valve that features a pull ring to quickly and manually relieve pressure for re-setting pressure.

Nylon CylinderPrimary CO2 regulators comes with Nylon Cylinder washer and ¼” Nylon Flare washer. Nylon Cylinder washer is designed not to fall out from the nut.

Serial numberEvery Primary and Secondary CO2 and Nitrogen pressure regulator has a serial number and date code.

Valve cap made of temperature resistant thermal insulated synthetic.

Stainless steel springThe adjustment spring is made of  0.1875” thick stainless steel with large spring rope.

Primary CO2 and Nitrogen Pressure regulators come with rip proof install and use instruction guide tied to the regulator. Instructions

Co2 flow chart
pressure regulator 24 series

Pressure regulator Flow charts